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Local Charities & Non-Profits we favourite

Breast Cancer Awareness
Dementia Friends An Alzheimer's Society Initiative
Autism Awareness
Cerebral Palsy Society
Epilepsy Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness
Autism Awareness
Epilepsy Awareness
Dementia Friends An Alzheimer's Society Initiative
Cerebral Palsy Society
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Our volunteering service allows Charities, Community Groups, Non-Profit Organisations access to our expert volunteers, all for FREE!

The best and most trusted volunteers are signing up as Telsiai Volunteers to connect and engage with local communities and charities of shared values and purposes. Join the local movement and sign up to volunteer today!

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Real Estate Property
Lithuania Kaunas County

Need a volunteer to help our charity with Real Estate Property in Kaunas County

Lithuania Panevėžys

Wanting to volunteer and add value to your community? Advertise your Stylist in Panevėžys

Lithuania Utena

Searching for extra help? Find the best Mixologist volunteers in Utena

Lithuania Panevėžys County

Searching for extra help? Find the best Scrivener volunteers in Panevėžys County

Car Wash expert
Lithuania Panevėžys County

Looking for Car Wash expert volunteers in Panevėžys County? We can help!

Lithuania Ukmergė

Short on Ecomm volunteers? Need additional workers in Ukmergė? We can help!

Trusted Pharmacy
Lithuania Utena County

Sign Up to volunteer Trusted Pharmacy in Utena County

Nail Beautician
Lithuania Šilutė

Community group needing volunteer assistance to help with Nail Beautician in Šilutė

Real Estate Property
Lithuania Utena County

Expert would love to help volunteer my services for a good cause Real Estate Property in Utena County

Lithuania Visaginas

Wanting to volunteer and add value to your community? Advertise your Stylist in Visaginas

Lithuania Tauragė County

Need a volunteer to help our charity with Mixologist in Tauragė County

Lithuania Plungė

Expert would love to help volunteer my services for a good cause Scrivener in Plungė

How the gigexchange Volunteering marketplace works in Telsiai?

If you are a Telsiai charity or community group needing helpful Pre-Purchase volunteers, list your requirements on our volunteering section. We will reward all volunteering with our esteemed volunteering reputation ratings to say thanks for the great work our volunteers do. Volunteering service is FREE, forever!

1. List your volunteer requirements for FREE in Telsiai.

  • Partner with gigexchange to give back to your local community
  • Advertise your volunteering needs, for FREE

2. Volunteers

  • Chat privately with Charities and Non-Profits on the the hunt for volunteers
  • Match up with people and causes who values and passions align

3. Volunteering done. Give back by providing feedback

  • Provide feedback to volunteers to help them grow their marketplace reputation

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We are founded and developed by gig workers of the NZ economy. We passionately care about driving down the cost of business and increasing opportunities for all. We have developed a platform we believe can do this for you. We hope by creating a marketplace combining all ways of working and advertising, along with working and designing smarter, we can reduce our costs, so we don’t have to offset them onto you. We call that empowering the win-win. For more information see our fair pricing policy.
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At the gigexchange, we are all about our customers. If you believe you can empower our customer’s win-win, then please contact us.
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You are uploading this information to Stripe, so they can validate you, which in turn builds trust for potential customers. This enhances the payment framework and yourself as a result, building another tier of trust and reputation inside our marketplace.
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See our Terms of Service for further details.
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